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Great post Robin, you put the me too style of mindless link posting to shame. Speaking of which I will now just post a link to you :)

This post was edited at 12.15 on Wednesday 30 March to correct a mistake in the original entry. I had originally, and incorrectly, assumed that the case involving the Motley Fool website, which is owned by a US parent company, was heard in the US courts. It was not. This was a UK case. Luckily, George (see link in the entry) provided a timely correction and some additional links which users might find useful. My apologies for the original inaccuracy.

A combination of Reynold's criteria and technological and operational and governance norms could provide the best coverage. There's a good article about one proposal with a model of online journalism and 30 criteria or practices one can use. http://uk.openingpolitics.org/index.php?title=Reynolds_defense

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